What fitness level do I need to be to participate in the race?

  • All riders are responsible to be in condition to complete the “SPD Ride to Remember” ride. This is a hilly route and hill training must be incorporated into your ride preparation.
  • Check the website and Facebook page for training information and up coming training rides.

What do I need to wear while participating in the ride?

  • Each rider must wear the required bicycle jersey listed on the web page during the event and black bicycle shorts.
  • Your individual department’s patch will be affixed to the rear, bottom left hand panel of the jersey only. (To the left of the black colored Massachusetts Law Enforcement badge). If you wish to purchase a ride to remember jacket, riders will be responsible for this purchase.
  • Contact Vomax Jerseys, 76 Industrial Drive, Northampton, Massachusetts. Phone number (413) 584-0065.

How far is the route?

  • The ride is a total of 106.3 miles.
  • The route consists of flat and rolling hills. Hill training should be part of your preparation.
  • This is NOT a flat route. We have three luxury Peter Pan Busses following us the entire way. If you need to rest while the peloton continues you may do so at any time. You can rejoin the group when you’re rested and re-hydated. No worries!
  • Riders will have several breaks to rehydrate and refuel at every 15-20 miles.

What is the pace?

  • You should train for or be comfortable riding 13-15 MPH.
  • This is a group ride and the pace is set accordingly to keep all riders together.
  • Riders will be allowed to stop and rest at 5 predetermined points throughout the route.
  • The ride is police motorcycle escorted, riders will not be required to yield to traffic control devices.

Additional Information:

  • Technical support for flat tires and bicycle repairs is provided by Competitive Edge Bike Shop of East Longmeadow, MA